specialist funder  and service provider

Elf Rentals is an Electronic Security Systems company with a difference. We fund the systems we install ourselves and then manage and maintain them using our expertise. No bank financing is involved. We are therefore a specialist funder and service provider of electronic security systems.

The benefits to our Clients areno large capital outlay required; monthly costs can be expensed and are therefore tax deductible; a guarantee that the electronic security equipment will be fully operational at all times (if not, the Client can withhold monthly payment); due to our close partnership with our Clients and our understanding of their needs as well as our specialist knowledge of security technology, we can keep our customers up to date with the latest and best electronic security systems in the rapidly changing world of technology.



"Protecting the Gautrain assembly workshop at UCW, could only be managed by a company with superior products and servicesUCW, Nigel